The rugby club started in 1925 when a French Master called Mr M. R. Guerra from the Grammar School formed a "breakaway" social club.

The first match was against Knowle. The first captain was A.R. Osbourne and the first try for the club was scored by E. D. Harris. The first ground was near Filton Station and the following year the club started playing at the Civil Service Ground in Filton Avenue. After another year or so the club played on a pitch in Red House Lane, Stoke Bishop for two seasons, followed by a move to Blaise Castle until 1939. The club met at the Old Bristolians Club at Frederick Place in Clifton.

In the 1933 /1934 season the playing record was Played 24, Won 13, Lost 9 and Drew 2. There were difficulties reforming the club after the war, but in the 1947/48 season the playing record was Played 18, Won 11, Lost 3 and Drew 4.

Failand was bought in 1948 and after extensive stone picking was first used in September 1951 and was officially opened in 1952

Detailed match records (The "Team Secretary / Team Captain Selection Books") are available for most seasons from 1963/64 through to 1980/81. There is then a gap in the records, until the period from 1988/89 through to 1993/94. The box of club records resides with the Chairman and it is hoped that one day a proper archive can be established.

Formal playing records from 1994/95 onwards (ironically, the period of "player registration" and "match cards") are missing.

In 2005 the Junior Rugby Section started and a girls section was started in 2013/2014 season, the whole junior section boasts 405 members.